1) Login to a kubernetes cluster

2) create a new namespace

kubectl create namespace stackedit

3) add the helm repo

helm repo add stackedit https://benweet.github.io/stackedit-charts/

4) update the repo

helm repo update

5) Create a Github OAuth App

6) Create a stackedit-secrets-values.yaml with the secrets

githubClientId: ""
githubClientSecret: ""

7) Create a stackedit-values.yaml with ingress for ibmcloud

  enabled: true
    - host: stackedit.k8sasgharlabsio-706821-0e3e0ef4c9c6d831e8aa6fe01f33bfc4-0000.us-south.containers.appdomain.cloud
      paths: ["/"]
    - hosts: ["stackedit.k8sasgharlabsio-706821-0e3e0ef4c9c6d831e8aa6fe01f33bfc4-0000.us-south.containers.appdomain.cloud"]
      secretName: k8sasgharlabsio-706821-0e3e0ef4c9c6d831e8aa6fe01f33bfc4-0000

8) Deploy the app via helm

helm install stackedit stackedit/stackedit --values=stackedit-secrets-values.yaml --values=stackedit-values.yaml -n stackedit

Written with StackEdit.