If you’d like to see all his links online, please don’t hesitate to go to: https://jjasghar.me

JJ works as a Developer Advocate representing IBM worldwide. He engages in the IBM’s watsonx service, the Open Source AI ecosystem, and Kubernetes ecosystem with a focus on Red Hat’s OpenShift. He attempts to teach enterprises and users succesful skills to onboard to the AI and Cloud Native ecosystem though he learned his trade in the DevOps ecosystem. If he isn’t building high level automation to streamline his work, he’s building the groundwork to prepare for that need. He’s been an avid homelaber and self-hoster of open source software for years and gives back to that community as much as possible.

He lives and grew up in Austin, Texas. A father and husband, trying to learn to balance his natural nerdiness with family life. He enjoys a good strong dark ale, hoppy IPA, some team building Artemis, and epic Gloomhaven campaigning.

He has dove headfirst into Fedora since IBM buying Redhat, but still secretly wants FreeBSD everywhere. He’s always trying to become a better web technology developer, though normally just uses bash and python to get the job done.