Per Aaron Kalin:

At the Chef Community Summit in London yesterday, @jonlives explained the process of a hug to the European audience who were not used to the hugging culture in Chef. Shortly after, this was demonstrated to the audience by @jjasghar and @jonlives

This was taken from the issue around the infamous RFC for Hugs, and the final product was RFC061. It has been referenced in multiple communities since and even been an example for the local Seattle Government as a case study to get constructive public feedback.

At the time, Chef employees engaged with the community, which got us to build something that everyone could be proud of. We had people from all walks of life speak up and discuss the different points to make sure everyone had a voice. We even researched what would be considered socially acceptable in cultures other than the typical Western American Tech culture, and attempted to find a global greeting. Turns out it was what the WHO (World Health Organization) suggests as the elbow to elbow was the safest for everyone.

If you scroll down an see the following animated .gif you’ll see this is how people are now encouraged to greet on another. (I’ve heard it called the “Wuhan Greeting” because it started in the Wuhan province.)