I recently discovered Artemis. It’s amazing, but the problem is that it only runs on Windows, iOS, and Android. These are my notes on how I got it working on one of my macOS machines.

  1. Install PlayOnMac.
  2. Followed the onscreen instructions, including installing XQuartz
  3. Download the ArtemisDemo, you’ll need it for the inital install.
  4. Click on “Install a program”
  5. Click on “Install a non-listed program”
  6. Read the popups for the installation
  7. Create a new “virtual drive”
  8. “Select another file” as the installation program, select the ArtemisDEMOInstall.exe
  9. Select Artemis as the installation shortcut
  10. Complete installation
  11. Select Artemis in the “PlayOnMac” screen
  12. Click “Run”
  13. You should see the game (Demo).

If you have a copy of the game already for instance on something like Steam, and would like to copy it in, you can take the folder from something like: C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Artemis and copy it into something like: /Users/YOURUSER/Library/PlayOnMac/wineprefix/DRIVENAME/drive_c/Program Files

After this, you can open up the folder, and double click Artemis.exe, and you should see the application full start.

One of the greatest games