I’ve started using knife-vsphere and vCenter by VMware. I was attempting to build machines, and noticed that the knife vsphere command showed my machines, but vCenter didn’t.

For example:

16:04:56 JJs-MacBook-Pro ~ > ce knife vsphere vm list
       	VM Name: ubuntu-3
       		RAM: 4096
       		State: on
       	VM Name: pfsense
       		RAM: 1024
       		State: on
       	VM Name: vCenter
       		RAM: 8192
       		State: on

I looked and looked for ubuntu-3 and to no avail, clicking around assuming that the website as I clicked was refreshing in the background. I was wrong.

Then I noticed a “refresh” circle in the top right corner.

vCenter Refresh

Gotta love how you assume one thing and trust software to do the right thing and you’re off base.