I’ve been installing Linux from my laptop on hardware for a while now. I can never remember how to do it, so I keep googling for this. Being I like distilling information down to the more important parts, here is my “generic” way of doing what is described in that link:

~$ wget http://some_iso_on_some_site/image.iso
~$ hdiutil convert -format UDRW -o ~/path/to/target.img ~/path/to/image.iso
~$ mv ~/path/to/target.img.dmg  ~/path/to/target.img
~$ # ideally you already have your flash drive inserted
~$ diskutil list
~$ diskutil unmountDisk /dev/disk<the_number_of_the_disk>
~$ sudo dd if=/path/to/target.img of=/dev/rdisk<the_number_of_the_disk> bs=1m
~$ diskutil eject /dev/disk<the_number_of_the_disk>

Maybe I should script this…