My company uses splunk yes yes, I know, I should be using kibana and logstash but I got the budget for splunk> so I’m using splunk.

I attempted to install an updated license the other day and got an interesting error after restarting splunk and attempting to log in:

500 Internal Server Error

Return to Splunk home page

ResourceNotFound: [HTTP 404]; [{'type': 'ERROR', 'text': 'Application does not exist: user-prefs', 'code': None}]

This page was linked to from http://<mycompanyname>:8000/en-US/account/login?return_to=%2Fen-US%2F.

You are using <mycompanyname>:8000, which is connected to splunkd @182037 at on Mon Feb 3 16:17:37 2014.

Wow, what the hell does that mean?

So after some investigation it seems that I had my /opt/splunk/bin/splunk symlinked to /opt/splunkforwarder/bin/splunk. After some finagling with splunk support it seems it was a complete oversight.

Having both the splunkforwarder and splunk on the same box can be dangerous, if you do you’ll have to edit the ports that they use. Keep that in mind if you decide to go down this path.