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This is my “recipe” on how I got Chef Jenkins and Vagrant to play nice. After watching this ( video, I realized I could do this. I searched high and low for a tutorial on how to bulid this stack, and nothing. So I decided to create a github doc to centralize my setup and hopefully let the community suggest additions.

I want to thank Brian Scott, because after his video it really opened my eyes. I’ve now had 3 people run through this tutorial and all come out with a working chef-jenkins-vagrant set ups and learned to extend it to where I had never thought of.

I understand and that a lot of people wonder why someone would want to build this from scratch, instead of using, for instance Fletcher Nichol’s ahemjamie-ciahem test-kitchen, and this is what I’m going to write about.

I see test-kitchen is more for writing cookbooks and recipes for the general public. You can easily create faux VMs, per Seth Vergo’s awesome fauxhai to test cookbooks across multiple setups and multiple provisioned systems to see if they work. This is great for developing a cookbooks but I can’t see it working in a sysadmins workflow.

Sysadmins have a select few boxes; they have their known quantities, they know they aren’t going to have RHEL/DEB/tar based machines. They build infrastructures to have uniformity, they stick with one of them. Granted, some of the sysadmnis out there are unlucky and DO have these environments, but I truly believe that’s the minority not the majority.

A sysadmin needs a way to provision his machines, in a safe manner before pushing changes out to production. This sounds obvious, but how many places I’ve been where have I heard “Oh, it’s just an /etc/hosts file update, just push it out.” Just yesterday, (06/25/2013) as I was victim if that short cut and caused an outage to some our backend machines. If you are curious, it seems, we had a hardcoded IP to DNS name in /etc/hosts (not DNS) that was required for our application to work. If I held true to my statements earlier I would have noticed this change from my CI builds and not looked like the dumbass I was.

I built this chef-jenkins-vagrant howto so I don’t have an excuse anymore, I have a proven way to build and implement good practices in an quick manner. I hope you find it useful, and if you have suggestions or additions PRs are always welcome.

Mind your rm -rf *,

JJ Asghar